Fabric Fun Pencils

Fabric Fun Crayons

These Fun Fabric Pencil Crayons are great for creating your own design on T-shirts or other fabrics. They can be used for drawing or writing and children love using them. They work best on natural fabrics such as cotton as the fabric has to be ironed before use.

Four easy steps to personalised clothing and fabrics using stencils:

T shirt stencils

Step 1

Ideally the fabric should be washed and dried before use to wash out any starch present in the fabric. This will mean that the fabric can absorb the colours properly. Dry the material and iron it to produce a smooth surface. For best results, stretch and pin the fabric or press it evenly against a hard surface.

Step 2

Position your stencil and apply the Fabric Fun Pencils with even strokes in one direction only to ensure a smooth layer of colour. Shading can be produced by rubbing different colours with your finger tips and blending them together.

Step 3

Once you are happy with your design, cover it with a sheet of blank paper and press over it with a hot (but not steam) iron to set the dyes. Your design will then be permanent and washable.

Step 4

Get creative, personalise your clothes and other fabrics with pictures, designs and messages in permanent colours! The crayons can be used with a stencil or freehand, so if you're feeling particularly creative you could try a combination of both!

Fun Fabric Pencils