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Stencil Techniques with Artist PaintStik
The broad range of colours available for our oil based paint sticks can compliment nearly any existing colour scheme. Artist Paintstik are a very economical way to achieve a large palette of colours that is easy to transport and store.

Although only one Artist Paintstik has a great supply of paint for stencilling nearly any size of project, the very nature of stencilling does not use large amounts of painting medium. The self-sealing character of Artists Paintstik means less waste of paint than on the palette and in damaged, dried out tubes.

Finally, Artists Paintstiks eliminate the mess and clean up associated with traditional tube paints. Paintstiks can be used with stencils on many surfaces, including paper, cloth, painted surfaces, glass or ceramics.

Thinning and Cleanup Procedures
Turpentine or mineral spirits are solvents for the oil medium of the Paintstik. Clean up of surfaces can be done with a little solvent. Hands can be cleaned with soap or water or if preferred with solvent and then followed by washing with soap and water.

While every effort has been made to represent the original colours, it is not possible to exactly match the artists pigments, therefore the colours shown are a guide.

For our full colour range see Paint Stiks (Oil Based)

oil stick examples