Urban Street Art

Urban Canvas and Street Art Stencils

The Stencil Warehouse welcomes the opportunity to work on artistic projects; we currently work with canvas artists and sculptors that utilise our vector drawing services and laser cutting technology, all with excellent results. With each customer we work in different ways, this varies depending on your computer skills and information to hand. If you are not computer minded we can guide you through the process of creating a laser cut stencil using our vector design service.

Below are a few questions and answers about our services:

Q. Why should I use a laser to cut my design?

Laser cutting has many advantages over traditional methods of stencil manufacture with few drawbacks and can be financially viable from a one-off to thousands-off. Hence this works well for artists and sculptors who typically want an accurate one-off design. We can laser etch and cut a variety of materials with a high degree of accuracy.

Q. Can you create my complex design into a multi layer stencil?

Yes, typically we draw and cut a wide range of urban or abstract stencil designs on multiple layers for artists working with paint and canvas. As you know, stencils are a good way to reproduce designs using different colours and effects.

Q. How should I supply my artwork/design and in what format?

You can send your design via our custom quote form, giving any relevant size information and attaching the file. The quickest and cheapest way to recreate your design into a laser cut stencil is by providing us by with a vector outline drawing, although we can often work from a bitmap/raster image, depending on the design and the quality of the file. Please take a look at vector-conversions.com/vectorizing/raster_vs_vector.html for a detailed explanation of vector artwork if you're unsure.

Urban stencil art of clownQ. How large or small can you cut my design?

Once your design is in vector form we can adjust the size with ease. Our laser cutter has a flat bed and we have a material cutting area of up to 950mm x 1850mm. Depending on the type of design we can cut a much larger size by the process of sticking the stencil sheets together like a jigsaw. We do not typically cut designs/wording under 10mm (This will depend on the particular font type used).

Q. I want to laser cut my design in sheet metal. Can you do this?

No, we do not laser cut metals. However, unlike a lot of laser cutting companies we understand how to create vector drawings with an artistic flair. We can create your vector artwork and once approved, we can send (email) the file (your design) to our partner Laser Company who will cut it in a metal of your choice.

For more information on how we can help, please call us on 44 (0) 1271 882615