It's all been about Lockdown! What's changed and what we have learnt.

Things are kind of easing up a bit now and we can go out and socialise a bit more! So from our point of view we thought we would write a little bit about what we have learnt and done whilst lockdown has been in place….. well firstly we launched our new website. With sales pretty much stopping at the end of March and our new website pretty much ready to go we decided to pull the plug on our old, dated site and launch our new one – which we have done ourselves by the way, and see what happened – after all we had no sales to loose! As it turns out this has gone really well and thank you to all those who have used it. We would recommend Shopify as a platform for online selling if you are doing a reasonable volume of transactions.


As for how we work and what we do there have been a number of changes! We now have home offices set up, as do a large proportion of the country and we have a whole new range of social distancing stencils that are making up a good proportion of our sales.


Our sales revenue has also changed as we now tend to do more actual stencilling, albeit locally. With more time on our hands we are now able to apply some of the stencils we manufacture, which has been a great experience and allowed us to meet some great customers as well as make sure our advice is still relevant and accurate.


The lessons we have learnt from all of these changes may be simple but here’s a little list of the main ones!


  • Spray painting floor stencils on a windy day WILL result in overspray however careful you are – take lots of card to mask around your stencil

  • Chalk spray lasts forever when you are doing guerilla marketing stencils but only for five minutes when you want to do a social distancing stencil…..

  • Normal spray paint lasts a little longer than chalk spray in high footfall areas but proper outdoor floor paint is the only lasting solution

  • You never get the coverage you are promised on the tin!


Hopefully things will soon get back to normal and sales will keep picking up so good luck to everyone from all at Stencil Warehouse.

Here's one we did at Exmoor Zoo :o)