Environmental Statement

At Stencil Warehouse we try to minimise the impact of our business on the environment and to continually look for new ways to further reduce this.

Although we use Mylar plastic to produce our stencils these are all multi-use and Mylar can be recycled in all parts of the Country and most others as well when they are finished with.  If you do not wish to keep your stencil at any point then do try and clean it as best you can then just pop it in the recycling as with other plastic items.

We try to keep our off cut waste minimal but to ensure that this does not go into land fill we use a "zero to landfill" waste company so that all our sorted waste is recycled.  We have signed up to their Circular Economy scheme and bag all our different waste separately to allow it to be more easily recycled and in the office even use locally bottled milk, returning the glass bottles to the dairy after use.
Packaging used is minimal and where we need to use a plastic bag to stop a stencil catching and tearing we use 100% bio-degradable bags and have done for the last five years.