Alphabet & Number Stencil sets available in various fonts and sizes

Reusable stencil A to Z letter sets, stencil 0 to 9 numbers and Symbol sets (+,-, & etc.) in a selection of fonts and UPPER and lower cases.

Our letter stencil sets contain the full alphabet, A to Z, and each number stencil set contains 0 to 9. Punctuation marks and symbols are included in the Symbol Stencils sets.

Standard fonts are Arial, Monotype Corsiva, Cargo D, Stencil (UPPER case only), Comic Sans and Times New Roman and from 25mm to 300mm in size.  Larger sizes and other fonts are available as custom orders.

Please note: when ordering UPPERCASE and lowercase characters please order in the SAME SIZE if using them together as a 2" Upper case will be to the same scale as a 2" lower case set.  You do not need to order a smaller set for the lowercase.

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