Coffee Stencils (duster) - food safe

We have over a decade of experience creating and cutting coffee stencils from durable 2mm thick food safe Acetal which will allow hundreds of applications and is dish washer safe for easy cleaning.

Buy one or more of our standard designs or contact us to have your own custom design produced such as your company logo.  We are able to deal with one off orders or cut hundreds of stencils for larger clients and chains.  All will be delivered in 100% bio-degradable bags and should give long service.

Simply dust over your coffee stencil with chocolate powder to make a perfect custom design on your coffee. Alternatively you can use these stencils with icing sugar, icing or even edible glitter to decorate cakes and biscuits to make the occasion that little bit more special.

Check out our full collection of coffee stencils (also known as coffee dusters) and buy online today.  Please note that the stencil chosen should be slightly larger than your intended cup.

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